About Us

We are culinary school graduates and busy moms who love the idea of dinners delivered to your doorstep, but couldn't find an option we liked.  We were looking for:

  • family food that was neither too fussy, nor too pedestrian
  • meals that were not pre-cooked, because let's face it: cooking it yourself simply tastes better 
  • natural, healthy ingredients that were chopped and ready to use
  • less packaging than the big mail-order companies  
  • Simply put: a delicious, wholesome dinner to cook that we didn't have to work hard to create.

    Since we couldn't find it, we're making our own, right here in Richmond!  We'll chop, measure and mix all of the components you need to make a spectacular, homemade meal.  All you need to do is cook it and serve.  Voila...insta-chef!

Our goal is to offer you:

  • fresh, inventive, and healthy menus
  • quick and easy dinners
  • natural, organic, and local ingredients when possible
  • other items including soups, salads, and baked goods
  • minimal packaging compared to other meal kit companies
  • easy clean up
  • custom orders and drop-off catering